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Below is an outline of some of the services available.

Value Stream Mapping

Visualisation of all types of process, from a detailed, specific product to an overview at business level. Comparing customer requirements with the actual process performance generates a Current State Map, highlighting the constraints, waste, issues and costs. Solutions and actions are generated to create a Future State Map, where the potential effect of implementation is calculated allowing prioritisation and control of risk.

Policy Deployment

This is about transforming company aspirations, strategies and objectives into deliverable tasks, where everyone in the business understands the piece they need to deliver. When all employees deliver their tasks, then the company will in turn, hit its targets. We can work with you to develop policy deployment master schedules that include progress & reporting scorecards defined for each level, team & role in the organisation.
Six Sigma

Where process variation causes customer complaints, Six Sigma is the right tool to use. This methodology focuses on controlling the inputs to a process rather than reacting to defects once the process has finished or the product has been made. During the project great effort is made to get to the root cause of the problem using data to prove or dis-prove the various issues. If Six Sigma is achieved defects per million opportunities fall to 3.4!